In the beginning….

In the beginning I was empty and filled with darkness. Not even knowing that there was a light that was waiting to shine upon me. (John 1:5)

But as your spirit moved upon me I perceived the light of the world.

As I have seen a light from my darkness I cry out to you.

Lord as you spoke light into existence with your word(Genesis 3-4), separate the light from darkness by shining your light into the deepest corners of my heart. Removing the darkness from my heart.

Lord as you created an expanse and separated the waters(Genesis 6-7), create a wall between my desires and your will God. Let the desires be the sky and your will be the land I stand upon.

Lord as you have gathered the land and water together(Genesis 9), let us gather in one place so we can worship you. As we gather in your presence everyday let us produce fruit of the spirit and also bear gifts according to our various kinds.

You have created the seasons Lord (Genesis 14), as we go into new seasons let us not forget the testimonies of your grace of the seasons passed. Let them be a light so that we remember you for all the days, months and years to come.

Lord as you have created and blessed every living creature to increase and fill the earth (Genesis 22), let your harvest increase and fill the earth. Let us make disciples of many nations for your kingdom.

As you have man rule over all the earth (Genesis 26),  Lord come back to us so you would rule over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, over the live stock and over all the earth. Help us to be good as you intended for us to be.

As your work in us is completed and have come back to rule over us. Let us take our rest in you. (Matthew 11:28)


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