Off The Path

A very good friend of mine asked a simple question “Why do we fail in something again and again when we have been delivered and have overcome it previously? Shouldn’t we have moved on from the problem and face a different problem but why do we struggle with the same things again and again?

I think the life of a Christian is a path made of difficult choices and has lots of fruits(the apples we are not supposed to eat) and good looking things(which entice that they look good but do not satisfy us but rather take us away from God) on the outside of the path. God says to us to walk the path which will lead us to the riches in heaven but we look for temporary pleasures and go off the path to pick after the fruits and good things of this world.

When we fail to do so(not walk the path), which we often do, and wander off to the fruits, we build a wall of guilt around us which stops us from going back to the path that we were supposed to be on or rather the enemy makes us believe that we cannot go back on the path.

When we realize that and ask God to save us from it and bring us back to the path that he has set for us out of his grace he pours out his blood (to tear down the wall of sin and guilt we built) and brings us back to the path. But it is our own willingness to come back to the path that leads us there, not being forced by God but to be willing and do it out of our own free will.

That doesn’t mean there are no more fruits and good looking things on the outside of the path but rather we tend to realize what it really means.

The temptation doesn’t stop there. The enemy does not stop enticing us. He continues to do the same things. He knows our weakness and works on it. He is like a lion waiting for the right chance to devour us. Like that day in the garden of Eden he waits for a time until Eve is all alone and whispers, what exactly did God tell? The same thing happens to us, we forget the guilt but remember the temporary happiness and the fast-paced world influences us.

Whatever way the enemy uses he brings us outside of the path again for us to realize that the same thing happened. So we once again call out to God realizing it.

We would think that it happened once and it will never happen again but as the enemy is always on the lookout to devour us we should always have our eyes on the end of this journey rather than the road and its distractions. Even if we take our eyes off it for a moment and be alone without God we give a chance for the enemy to talk his ways into our lives.

I think having our eyes set on God will help us to walk the path despite the temptations and storms around us. When we take our eyes off God and look around like Peter did we tend to fall. So keeping our eyes locked on the person who wouldn’t let us fall and protects us, our Savior Jesus Christ is the way that keeps us on the path without falling.

The question I ask today is where are your heart and eyes looking. What are you listening to and hearing today that is causing you to fall again?




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