Disclaimer: This DIY should be and need to try by everyone at home and for all age groups.
Things you will not need:
Lots of things
Lots of people around you
A pastor to tell you what to do
A youtube video
Facebook, Instagram, and other social media

Things you need:
Some time
A quiet place
a seeking heart
A broken spirit
The word of God

Directions for DIY:
1. First, start by removing all the things that you do not need for this DIY.
Lock yourself from all the social media, get yourself in your closet if you want to move away from all the disturbances.
Don’t switch on your phone.
Remove your self from the presence of people.
2. Get a quiet place so you can cry your heart out.
3. Ask God for forgiveness for the things you have done and invite him to the personal place with you.
I know it is difficult the first time to feel his presence, but practice and patience is the key here. You cant get good at sewing just at the first try. So do not give up yet.
4. Cry out all the things he put a burden on your heart to.
Optional but very much needed: If he is inviting you to go to a place just go with him into the peace that only he could give.
5. Read his word for answers and give time for him to talk. Don’t just get up and leave after you are done talking because this is a conversation let him finish speaking as well.
6. Leave all your burdens at his feet and ask him to change you inside out.

After you have the peace that he gives and the strength needed for the day. Go out and conquer the world and everything in it.

If this DIY is helpful to share this along with others to get in relation to the one we are not ashamed to name. (Jesus)

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