I started this blog as a way to share my journey, my everyday life, how inadequate I am and how God is sculpting me. But when I look at the first few posts I have written I see a short sermon or a class on the bible. That was not my intention when I first started this blog. I wanted to give you an insight into my own mind hoping you people who felt the same way could find solutions to their struggles in Christ as I am learning to everyday.

So let me start with why I was not able to post anything for the past one month or more. It was not that I did now have any good posts or I was so busy to post anything. To tell you the truth I was filled with fear. So much fear that it paralyzed me in posting anything. I was filled with so many self doubts and questions which were eating me up. It was like me hesitating to go into a pool to learn to swim (which I would like to do so much) because the water is a cold. I know that I will be fine once I take the plunge and get completely in the water but my brain is trying to think of so many things that could go wrong that I don’t find the courage to go in there. Instead I try to go into the laboratory like a scientist trying to figure out why I was not able to when the answer was right in front of my face. “FACE” –> “FEAR”.

So today instead of thinking of all the things that could go wrong if I post I am going to take the plunge and just jump in the water.

Hope this will help me realize and remind me when I forget that first and foremost this blog is a means to find myself rather than to teach others something.

So let me leave you with a small verse from the bible which might or might not be associated with what I just told you. 🙂

 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7)


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